Why the Tactile Experience Matters in Print

rainbow eye on white backgroundPrint may seem like just a visual experience, but it isn’t — the material and texture also matters. The tactile experience can greatly affect the desirability of your product. Whether you are printing a book, packaging, or even a lanyard, consumers prefer to touch products first before they decide to buy.

Since the tactility of your product plays an important part in whether or not a consumer will buy your product, some commercial printing companies offer services such as embossing, foiling and spot UV finishing.

These finishes give your print materials a unique texture that your consumers are more likely to respond to positively.

Glossy is Beautiful

The finishing on print varies, but they roughly fall into two types of categories — Hi Rise and Soft Touch coatings. Hi Rise coatings are shiny, smooth and somewhat reflective. This may include metallic foils and glossy papers. Soft Touch, on the other hand, is matte and soft in appearance, evoking warmth and comfort; some examples would be matte and velvet coatings.

A study conducted by the California Polytechnic State University that Hi Rise coatings are the most preferred texture in packaging, followed by Soft Touch finishes. The participants in the study strongly preferred the coated packaging to no coating at all.

Products with raised profiles, such as UV spot and embossed packaging, were also rated highly and more desirable.

Sensory Marketing

Consumers enjoy touch, and products with a more desirable texture can influence their buying preferences. Products with textures are perceived to be of greater value than plain looking products. Glossy packaging is particularly attractive, because of how it reflects light. It reminds people of glittering oceans and precious metals.

This is the cornerstone of sensory marketing — this is when you design your product to appeal to multiple senses at once. The sense of touch is a powerful way to evoke positive feelings in your target market, which is why it pays to invest in special finishes when printing your products.