When the Suspension System of Your Car Goes Bad

A Car Being FixedAbuse directly coming from the roads you drive on affect your precious ride in general, but some parts receive a higher percentage of it than the others.

One such component is the suspension; the term itself already implies that it’s the system responsible for “suspending” the body of the car from the ground. While the wheels may be what separates the two, the suspension gives them the connection to the vehicle itself.

Too important not to pay attention to

Seeing as the suspension system has just so many different functions, you definitely wouldn’t want any of its parts to break down on you, especially not in the middle of the road. The good news is, there are some telltale signs that can indicate issues with this part of your car. Take these as a warning to bring your ride to an auto repair shop in Clearfield before anything worse happens.

Uncomfortable driving

Excessive or premature wearing of suspension parts will ultimately lead to them completely breaking down. When this happens, you can expect to feel more of those bumps and humps from the road, since your vehicle can no longer “absorb” them properly. As such, you should have the suspension checked by a mechanic right away, before these discomfort issues transform into more serious problems such as significantly reduced acceleration, handling, and braking.

Nose-diving during stops

Nose-diving takes place when the front of a car begins to point towards the ground, and usually most apparent during stops. While this won’t cause the vehicle to tip over, it still poses a safety risk, as it can lead to longer braking periods (before and after applying the brakes) as well as a delay in steering reaction.

These are just some of the red flags that you may have suspension problems. Taking prompt action can make all the difference not just in your car’s overall performance, but your safety too.