What to Wear for Your Next Autumn Travel: 5 Must-Haves

Woman Sitting Down During AutumnWith the fiery coloured leaves all around and the cooler weather, autumn is one of the best seasons to travel and see nature. The colourful foliage can also be a great backdrop and make every picture Instagram-worthy. To make sure every snap you take is perfect, below is a list of your fashion must-haves for autumn travel.

Travel in comfort.

If you’re travelling by plane or on the road, bringing a cashmere travel set or at least a blanket is also another must, especially if you’re planning to travel for extended hours. Travelling in comfort will allow you to enjoy both the journey and the destination.

Layering is key.

While autumn is cool, the temperature tends to turn a little warmer during the day. Layer your outfits with jackets, cardigans, and scarves when your head out as they can be easily removed should it become too warm and put back on when it becomes chilly again.

Take your boots.

Ankle boots are a must in every autumn wardrobe—they look great with dresses, denim, pants, and almost any type of outfit! As such, it only makes sense you bring them for travel this season. Choose a neutral colour like brown, tan, or black as they pair well with most colours. Get a comfortable pair if you plan to walk all day in them. If you’re anticipating a special dinner or night out during your trip, you might want a low-heeled pair or wedges, which can be comfortable enough for walking and special enough for an event,

Chinos or joggers.

While most would say denim are the ultimate travel outfit, a dressier alternative is chinos. Just pair them with flats or boots for a more stylish look or with sneakers to dress them down. If you are planning on more athletic activities during your trip, joggers can be a functional and stylish option.

Cross-body bag.

While fanny packs can be perfect for travelling, they aren’t exactly fashionable. A more stylish option that is as functional is a cross–body bag. A neutral coloured one can pair well with most outfits.

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