What Is Holding Your Sales Performance Down?

Charts and graphs with company team in the backgroundShould your sales performance turn out to be a bit disappointing, try not to beat yourself down. This is a multifaceted challenge that may be due to product quality, the economy, or the amount of competition out there.

The tasks of marketing, branding, and selling, however, are within your control so regardless of external factors, your sales team must always be at the top of their game. If you need your team to be the best, most effective version of themselves, address the following performance issues:

Not being hungry enough

Success, confidence and, fulfillment can be bad for a sales team particularly if these lead to being complacent. The next time you land an account, don’t open a bottle of champagne. Discuss what was done right during the sales process, and enumerate more opportunities that can be gained from this new account. Stay hungry and wanting for more. One happy customer can lead to 10 referrals, and each of these new prospects can introduce you to 10 more.

Not diversifying your avenues for prospecting and networking

If you invest time and energy in participating in trade shows, you’ll find many opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs and potential customers, says ULTIMATE EVENTS, INC. Use your time wisely. Be positive and open to possible partnerships. Ask the people you meet lots of questions to know more about what they value, and how they spend their money. The scripts and conversation skills you’ll hone here can be used in any setting: a club, the grocery, the gym and schools.

Engaging people online through a strong irresistible social media presence is another effective way to reach out to your target market. Do cast a wide net but be guided by sales data as well. Based on your sales history, where and how are you most likely to succeed?

Even though you can’t control every aspect of sales, be determined, disciplined, systematic and strategic in your approach.