Want a Pool You Can Clean with Ease? Keep These Things in Mind During Construction

swimming poolRegular pool cleaning is an integral part of swimming pool maintenance. The pool owner spends an average of two hours weekly cleaning and maintaining their pool. This includes the time spent scrubbing walls, vacuuming and balancing your pool’s chemistry.

Pool cleaning does not, however, need to take up a substantial amount of your time. You can significantly reduce your pool’s cleaning time by making wise choices in pool construction.

There are things you should focus on during construction to build a pool that is easy to clean. Experts from Gold Medal Pools share some secrets.

1. Chlorination System

There are different types of pool chlorination systems used to maintain your pool’s chemistry. Floating, salt, and tablet chlorination systems are some of the commonly used systems.

Though they are all efficient, salt chlorination systems are the cheapest in terms of maintenance and cleaning. They only require adding salt at regular intervals.

2. Pool Shape

A rectangular swimming pool is the easiest to clean. This is because of the smooth edges of this pool shape and its low chances of entrapping debris and dirt.

It is also very easy for an automatic pool cleaning machine to navigate a rectangular pool and hence you get a more scrupulous clean using minimal effort.

3. Specialty Features

The most preferred pool specialty feature for easy cleaning is the infinity edge. Infinity edge pools are typically easier to clean compared with standard pools because of their advanced filtration systems, which prevent water stagnation.

These pools, however, require particular cleaning considerations to eliminate demanding cleaning tasks. Prevention of calcium accumulation on the pool’s outer walls is one of the essential cleaning considerations which might ease cleaning.

Though these elements will substantially reduce your pool cleaning time, they are not all ideal for every setting. Your soil, space, and land topography are some of the determinants of your pool’s construction. With the ideal elements, you can spend more time enjoying time in your pool instead of cleaning it.