Understanding the Role of Your Business Attorney

Business meeting with a lawyerA business attorney is also known as a corporate lawyer. He works for companies and represents all types of business. The lawyer may also represent individuals who act for the business. These include entrepreneurs, owners, directors, managers, and controlling shareholders, among others.

Here’s some useful information about your business attorney in Colorado. This may help you understand and appreciate his role better. It will also give you an idea on how you can best use the lawyer’s services.

What types of clients does a business lawyer represent?

In general, a business attorney helps family businesses, startup companies, business managers/owners, and mid-sized companies. These companies come from different industries. The attorney provides advice on various legal issues that affect the clients’ day to day operations. These include corporate structure, taxes, contracts, corporate reorganizations, acquisitions and mergers, estate planning, and many other business concerns with legal implications.

Who needs a business attorney?

You need a lawyer if you own a business and you want to provide legal protection for your company and your assets (both tangible and non-tangible.) The lawyer can give advice on how you can follow applicable laws. He can also help you in contract negotiations. He can keep you away from possible lawsuits and disputes in the future.

You also need a lawyer when you are:

  • setting up a new business (whether it is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship)
  • hiring your first batch of employees (drafting of employment contracts)
  • issuing stocks options, or convertible notes
  • acquiring another business
  • negotiating a new lease
  • exploring legal ways to save on taxes (by setting up a family trust or holding company)
  • selling your business
  • transferring your business to your heirs or children
  • trying to resolve internal disputes
  • doing succession planning
  • other business concerns

Having your lawyer will not only project a positive image for your business. Establish a good working relationship with your lawyer early on. This way, you will have invaluable access to quick legal guidance whenever you need it.

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