Types of Diggers Essential for a Successful Construction Project

BackhoeMachines are an integral part of any construction project. They make the difference in your project’s timeline and overall job performance. You should hence ensure you have all the essential heavy machines required to handle your construction successfully.

Diggers, or excavators as they are sometimes called, are essential for digging out soil from your construction site. Instead of shouldering the upfront, storage and maintenance costs of a personal machine, the convenient and cost-efficient option is to hire one from a digger company.

Here are the various types of diggers you can rent.

Backhoe Diggers

These excavators have a bucket that works as a hoe. The bucket faces the driver and is fastened to a boom, which digs out soil by dragging it in the driver’s direction before lifting it. The cab of a backhoe digger rotates to 360 degrees, allowing loading of materials to a truck or dump site.

These diggers are small and versatile and typically used for small and moderate applications, such as foundation building.

Dragline Diggers

These are bigger than backhoe diggers and used in major projects such as civil engineering and on-surface mining. There are two types of dragline diggers, including mobile and on-site ones.

On-site draglines are bigger than mobile ones and assembled on site since they weigh a lot and might be hard to manoeuvre on or damage standard tarmac.

Suction or Vacuum Diggers

These excavators have a suction pipe, which carries loose debris and soil. It cuts through soil with pointed teeth at its pipe’s end. Suction diggers also have a water jet, which loosens the soil before beginning excavation.

These excavators are used for projects that require safe and careful identification of underground constituents.

The ideal digger for your project depends on several factors. These include the size of your construction site, your workforce and the ground you are working on. The right excavator can significantly increase your productivity and efficiency while reducing your operating costs.