Truckers Have Rights, Too

Truck DriverTruckers have a hard life. They spend a lot of time on the road away from their families. Those that take on the job have to follow strict rules. It is no wonder there is a shortage of truck drivers. However, there is some good news. Truckers have rights, too. A Washington truck labor lawyer can walk them through the laws that protect those rights. Here are three of them.

Right to refuse

Truckers have a right to be safe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has specific rules about how many hours a trucker can work, and under what conditions. A trucker can refuse to do a job if it violates any of these safety rules. If the employer uses threats in any form to force the trucker to do the job anyway, this is coercion. The trucker can file a complaint against the employer.

Right to safe travel

There are also rules about making sure a truck is fit for travel. If a trucker feels that the truck is not in good condition, he or she should tell the employer. If the employer does not do anything about it, the trucker can involve the Department of Transportation to make sure the truck gets the maintenance it needs. The trucker can go to a weigh station and as for a Level 1 inspection. This will force the employer to make any repairs needed, and the trucker will not be responsible for any fines.

Right against retaliation

Many truckers may worry that standing up for their rights might get them into trouble with their employers. A program by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects truckers from employer retaliation. This includes demotion, blacklisting, loss of benefits, reduced pay, harassment, and many others. A trucker can file a complaint with OSHA for retaliation.

Truckers should stand up for their rights. The law is on their side. A Washington truck labor lawyer can help them prove any violations of their rights.