To Repair or to Replace: What Should You Do to Your Old Windows?

Repairmen replacing a windowYour windows look worn out, are difficult to open and are drafty, so you are trying to determine whether you should repair or get a new one. Most homeowners would actually replace them thinking that its energy-efficient element is worth the price.

However, having a glass repair company in North Shore such as Auckland Glass Ltd take a look at it is actually a wiser choice to reduce bills. You simply need to conduct cheaper and simpler projects, like sealing air leaks, to get the effect that you desire.

Drafty Windows

You will know that you have drafty windows if you feel air rushing in and out of the openings in the dividers, frames and sashes. Most of the time, rotted wood, loose sash, pealing and cracked caulking, and old weather stripping cause this.

The best way to address this is to repair it and seal the leaks and other leaks to save 10 to 20 percent on energy bills. Meanwhile, replacing all windows in your home with energy-efficient ones will only save you around seven to 15 percent savings.

Rotting Wood

Windows with rotten wood typically have sashes, rotten frames and dividers that let air and water seep into your home. Its main cause is deteriorating wood, which is painted wrong, seasoned improperly or primed, and exposed to humid and wet weather constantly.

Windows that experience regular sprinklers blasting on it can also cause it to rot. If the damage is only spotty, you can repair it. On the other hand, replace the frames if it is entirely rotten. Just guarantee that you look at it more closely for they usually appear worse than they really are.

In most cases, repairing it is the smarter way, particularly if you want to save on energy. With the symptoms, causes and options listed above, you will have more confidence in your decision.

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