Three Reasons to Rid Your Home of Black Mold

Black moldIn general, mold is a serious problem in the home. Black mold, however, takes the problem to the next level due to its toxicity. This dark black mold develops in the warm, humid, and damp areas in the home. Aside from being unsightly, the mold presents a serious health risk to the members of the household. Here are three of its effects on the human body and the top reasons to avail of services for black mold removal in Salt Lake City.

Allergic Reactions

All types of mold can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, which is what makes it a major problem in the home. However, longer exposures to black mold can cause several uncomfortable allergic reactions. The spores cause symptoms such as nausea and severe vomiting, with migraines and nosebleeds. Children are increasingly vulnerable to these reactions, so removing the mold in your home should be a priority if you have young ones around.

Respiratory Problems

Other than allergic reactions, the spores can affect the respiratory tract directly. When it comes in contact with the airway, the body’s response consists of a chronic cough and persistent sneezing. As a fungus, the black mold will continually release spores into the lungs, which triggers the body to produce mucus as a method of expelling the foreign material.


The black mold releases a toxin which scientists refer to as mycotoxins. These substances can trigger frequent, severe attacks among asthmatics. Without appropriate intervention, the attacks these individuals experience may become life-threatening. It is vital to keep asthmatics away from infested areas until professionals can remove the mold.

Black mold is far from the regular mold you may have encountered. Consider these health risks and contact a professional to assess your home for the presence of the fungus and thoroughly remove all traces of it.