Think You Know How to Maintain Your Garage Doors?

a red garage doorEveryone knows that proper maintenance is important in our daily lives. Doing so can help extend the life of our appliances and our home’s systems for several years.

However, it’s not always easy to stay above everything else. That’s why there are times when we neglect other things, such as the garage door’s maintenance in our Utah houses. Good thing, there are ways to boost the life expectancy of garage doors.

Here are a few life hacks on how to maintain it and make your life a lot easier:

Ensure that all moving parts are lubricated

Keeping the moving parts of your garage door well lubricated can help keep it operating properly. According to an article posted on Garage Living, even just a small amount of lubrication can help your garage door to function better. You may use a spray lubricant to somehow grease up the drive screw or the door opener’s chain.

Keep it clean

You may also want to wipe it to remove any dust that has accumulated over time. Based on an article posted on The Spruce, you may want to apply a light oil to the same parts for additional lubrication.

Regularly check the hardware for tightness

Your garage doors regularly move several times a day, so it’s quite common for a few parts of the doors to loosen up. That’s why it’s essential to check the hardware and see if there are any loose bolts or brackets that need to be tightened up.

These are just a few great life hacks that you might want to consider when maintaining your doors. You may want to ask a few more tips from companies who know a lot about garage doors and openers and can assist you with your door problems at any time of the day.