Things You Need to Know about Dental Bridges

Dentist Making a Dental Bridge

You can choose from various treatments to replace missing teeth, and among them is the dental bridge. This option comes in the form of dentures, aimed at filling in the gaps caused by extracted teeth. You can achieve both cosmetic and health benefits with this procedure. The top dental clinics in Manteca talk about the different types of dental bridges and their benefits.

Cantilever Bridge

This type of dental bridge is used in cases where there is only one abutment tooth present on one side of the area. Dentists particularly use this on regions of mouth that do not have to handle much strain such as the part where the front teeth grow.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

This comprises of a cast metal structure that is cemented with resin composite. It is relatively less expensive and is typically used for the front teeth. For this procedure to become successful, the abutment teeth should be in good health.

Traditional Fixed Bridge

This is the more popular definition of a dental bridge. It is fitted into a specific gap by fastening the adjacent teeth on any side using crowns made of porcelain. The traditional fixed bridge can cover spaces left by one or more missing teeth.


Missing teeth can cause different oral health issues as well as impact your confidence to smile. As your trusted Manteca cosmetic dentist, Smile Designs Dentistry fully understands the importance of dental bridges in fixing aesthetic issues and other problems. This is a quick and easy treatment that can significantly mend your smile and improve your bite.

With proper oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last up to ten years. If you have missing teeth, this is an option that you definitely should consider. Discuss this treatment with your trusted dentist to find which type is most suited for you.