Things to Do Before You Sell Your VW Beetle

Selling your Volkswagen BeetleThe Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most popular car models in history. For many reasons, people are attracted to it. Owning it is the dream for many, no matter what year the car is from. If you’re looking to sell your VW Beetle, here are three things that you should do:

Get the car in Tip-top Shape

While the state of the car may vary for different reasons, it still pays to make sure that the car is looking and working at its best before putting it on the market. Get your vehicle maintained in a Volkswagen service centre to make sure that minor faults have been addressed before listing. Also, don’t forget to get the paperwork lined up. Registered cars sell better than those that have lapsed papers. It’s a small cost that will increase the chances of getting the Beetle sold.

Price It Right

Be realistic about your pricing. Look up other existing ads for Beetles of the same year to gauge the market, but make your own decision when setting the price. A price that’s too low will make buyers distrust your ad, while a rate that’s too high will put potentially interested parties off. Base your pricing on your honest appreciation of the car’s current state, then come up with a number that you’re comfortable with.

Let Them Drive It

Don’t be the shady car seller who doesn’t let the potential buyer test drive your vehicle. Make sure that you check their license first before allowing them to drive the car, with you in the passenger seat. Pick a safe spot for the test drive before the buyer arrives and only allow the test driving there.

These are just three tips that will help you sell your VW Beetle. It’s a legendary car, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. Good luck!