The Basics Of Vehicle Wrapping

Car Wrap InstallationCar wraps and customized car graphics are currently rising in popularity. They're a relatively cheap and unique way of advertising your brand while you go about your daily business. However, car wraps, unlike business cards or flyers, are more than just printing out a design. A high-quality car wrap from Fort Worth requires skill and finesse from a professional like Rockwall Wraps.

Here's what you should expect when having your vehicle wrapped:


Anyone can create a business card as long as you have a template, logo and the contact information. However, designing for a car isn't as easy. The designer must consider the contours of the vehicle so that the design wouldn't look wonky when applied. Getting it wrong would mean repeating the process and spending much more than necessary on creating a new wrap.


Printing a vehicle wrap involves more than just sending an image to a printer. There are things like print profiles that only a professional would know about.

Furthermore, before the wrap can be applied, it needs to be clean and wax free. The smallest dirt could mean the adhesive fails sooner than expected. The preparation step also includes choosing the right place to do the actual installation. There are specifications such as temperature that must be right for the installation to go well.


Installing a wrap is not easy; it takes time and hard work. Varying materials will behave differently and so get someone that has experience with different materials. After applying the wrap, the shop would then carefully trim and tuck excess material to give it a sleek finish.

Car wraps are a great way for raising local brand awareness. With the proper care and maintenance, your wrap could last you a long time. Ask the shop about any post-installation services they may have and don't hesitate to ask about any details you're unsure of.