Road Safety Tips When Your Car Needs Towing

tow truck towing a broken carGoing out on the road provides the adventures type with limitless opportunity. The adventurer’s spirit is the limit when it comes to road trips and venturing in the open road. While road tripping is generally fun and exciting, breaking down in the middle of it all is no fun at all.

Not only does it spoil the trip, it likewise presents a hazard for you and those on the road like you. It is of primary importance that you put safety first when you experience breakdown and need your car towed.

Here are essential tips to ensure that you and those around are safe.

Check before towing

Safety begins even before they tow your car. Make sure that it is clear during towing. Place an “In Tow” sign at the rear of the vehicle to make sure other drivers are aware of it and can make the necessary adjustments. Next, there should be a thorough check of the towrope and tow pole you are going to use.

These must be in top shape and shouldn’t have damages, defects, or abrasions. It is also wise to leave the ignition switch “on” on the towed car. Doing so will disengage the steering lock.

Tow with care

During the actual towing, lights are of primary importance. You should use ample lights within the area to make sure that you are visible. There should be a working tow light bar, which you can get from vendors such as LED Equipped.

Ideally, your tow light bar should be of automotive grade circuitry to be sure that it would work when you need it. Drive with extreme care and with extra focus so you can react and maneuver accurately should there be a turn or a change of direction.

Gear appropriately

Wear gloves to protect you from cuts and bruises caused by the cables and other sharp objects. In low-light or dark conditions, be sure to wear high-visibility protective clothing.

Road safety should be everyone’s priority. If your car breaks down and needs towing, you must make sure that you are not a road hazard. Follow these three tow safety tips to keep everyone safe.