Render Round-Up: Home Renders Made Easy

Man with trowel rendering a wall of houseIn construction, renders are the process in which a cement-like material is applied to the exterior of your home. This is done not only to preserve your home’s structural integrity but also add designer flourishes to your walls.

During a home renovation or build, picking the right rendering contractor can lead the way to the construction’s success. In Brentwood, rendering services done by certified professionals leave your home feeling refreshed and renewed. But finding the right contractor can be difficult for the uninitiated. Here are some pointers to help you along:

Material Matters

Renders come in various types. The render you choose will depend on what you want to accomplish.

Cement renders are the most basic type available. Cement is mixed on site and applied in two or three coats. While cement is inexpensive, the labour can be costly, and cement tends to crack whenever the structure moves. Cement also requires constant repainting.

Acrylic renders are pre-mixed solutions based on cement or lime. They have added plastic-based polymers to strengthen the render and prevent cracking. They are great for design because they come in a variety of colours and are often through-coloured.

Monocouche renders are a relatively new product that combines the design of an acrylic render and the base of a cement render. A single layer of a monocouche render will provide an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as durable weather protection.

Rendering Costs

Renders can be costly and time-consuming when improperly done, so budgeting is part of your dilemma. For a basic cement ‘scratch coat’ and a fine render top coat, the average till should run you about 40 to 60 quid per square metre.

The rendering of a three-bedroom semi-detached home with 80 square metres worth of walls should set you back 3,200 to 4,800 quid.

Hopefully, these quick bits can help you render a solution to your render questions. Picking the right render service can help leave your home looking brand-new.