Qualities Of A Great Lawyer

Lawyer talking to his clientsMuch like a carpenter fixes our house, and a plumber unclogs our pipes, a lawyer helps people settle legal disputes so we can lead normal lives once again.

A lot of lawyers in New York focus on client-focused representation, who would take the time to work with each of their clients individually to come up with the best strategy to handle a case.

If you are looking for legal help and would want one you can rely on a hundred percent, you will need to consider the following characteristics that a good lawyer must have.


A reliable lawyer should have the competency to handle your case. To be a competent lawyer, one must have finished his studies from an accredited law school and passed the state examinations. His skills should also be sharp through experience.

Yes, more than the knowledge about laws and its provisions, a lawyer can be competent too by how he uses this information for good. A competent lawyer knows how to win the case.

Strong Character

A strong character is the core of any person regardless of his profession. For a lawyer, this quality shows by how he handles his mental and emotional strengths. The emotional aspect is more crucial because some cases can be very sensitive, especially those involving children and elders.

A lawyer with a weaker character can break in this situation. Likewise, not every case will be in his favor so he needs to develop a strong character to get back to his feet for the next case he will handle.


A good lawyer has the discipline to commit to his responsibilities. He cannot just take one case and drop the others because the first can prove to be more beneficial for him. The discipline must persist even on difficult days when the lawyer feels overly burdened by the tasks at hand. Self-discipline can boost his reputation because clients know they are working with a trusted lawyer.

A lawyer who exhibits these qualities will always be a beacon of hope for those needing legal services the most.