Pre-Camping Travel Tips: Towing your Caravan

Caravans On A Camping Ground

Camping is a fun activity once to arrive at the location and starts setting up. However, for first-time campers, not only should you be prepared for the camping itself, but you should also know how to get there.

If you have a vehicle and a caravan, all you need is a tow bar, and you are ready to go camp around Auckland. But before you hit the road, here are some tips to help you tow your caravan around properly and safely.

Do’s and don’ts of towing

1. Do check the brakes

Days or weeks before you go on your trip, do not forget to check on your brakes. Make sure it works correctly and is manually adjusted as most trailer brakes don’t self-adjust. Brakes are often overlooked as a safety precaution.

2. Do have a spare tire

Whether you are going for a long trip or a short one, always have a spare tire available in your trailer. After all, you never know when accidents strike and when you would need one. While you are at it, have a toolbox that has all the necessary materials that you would need to replace your busted tire.

3. Do not try to fix things yourself

When things go wrong, and you are in the middle of your trip, call for help. Utilise roadside assistance because first aid solutions to a broken vehicle might be different to that of a towing vehicle.

4. Do not over speed

Avoid speeding up and stepping on your gas. Tow vehicles have a speed limit in every country, make sure to follow yours to avoid getting caught and getting into accidents.

5. Do practice

Practice is needed in towing. Make sure you know how to turn and back-up safely before going for your trip.

Make the ride more memorable. Drive safe and prepare well.