Pediatric Dentures and How They Work

Kid in a dental visitAdults wear dentures as a means to replace missing teeth, but did you know that even kids can wear them? Kids can also use dentures to remedy teeth loss. Here’s how the entire idea works.

Common Reasons for Missing Teeth on Children

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and eventually, tooth loss. Kids who do not know how to brush their teeth properly can be at risk of teeth loss someday. Accidents can also result in a knocked out tooth. Baby bottle tooth decay is also a common cause of missing teeth. In rare circumstances, a child has missing teeth because their milk teeth did not erupt.

Importance of Using Fake Teeth on Kids

A good set of teeth is essential for smiling, eating, and speaking. Kids with missing front teeth may experience speech difficulties. Other than that, kids need to have a good set of milk teeth to ensure space for their permanent teeth. Having missing teeth will cause other teeth to drift toward any vacant space, leaving not enough room for the permanent teeth. This results in crooked teeth.

Using Dentures on Children

Children's Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other pediatric dentists recommend removable dentures as a means to replace missing teeth among children. However, these should only be temporary. In fact, they need replacements and adjustments often. 

The use of dentures must be discontinued once permanent teeth start to erupt. Fixed bridges and implants are not advisable because young jaws are still developing.

Managing Common Problems with Kids’ Dentures

Kids may find it uncomfortable to have a foreign object inside their mouth for a long period. They may remove it often and misplace it. To avoid this, make sure to check for the prosthesis every once in a while and make sure you keep them if not in use.

It is normal to feel discomfort when using dentures during the first days. Mouth sores may develop so be prepared with oral gel for immediate relief. Like real teeth, dentures must be cleaned daily, so help your child as they do this.

Kids can benefit from using dentures, too. They complete the set of pearly whites and also serve as space maintainers for permanent teeth. Ask your dentist about it.