Paint Additives: Learn about the Three Main Kinds

a professional painterPaint has been around for ages. It’s for the preservation of substrate materials, as a maintenance tool and for decoration. The three primary ingredients of your exterior and interior paints are the binder, pigment, and solvent. Apart from these primary ingredients, paint contains additives.

Additives enhance your paint’s performance. Depending on your desired quality and environment, commercial painters in Wellington can recommend different additives. Here are the three categories of paint additives that can enhance your paint’s performance.

Surface-bonding Additives

Most paints are applied to a chalky surface, and this affects their overall appearance and in most cases necessitates the use of a binding primer to enhance their bond to the substrate. The price tag of priming is high. Surface-bonding additives increase the paint’s bond to chalky surfaces and improve its appearance.

Texture Additives

These additives transform your paint’s feel and look. Texture additives including sand paint and fine aggregate will not only enhance your wall’s look but also hide minor imperfections. Granular powder is also added to paint used for floors to make them less slippery when wet.

Perfumed Additives

Most people cannot stand the smell of new paint. If you want to enjoy a sweet-smelling scent, perfumed additives are the ideal solution. Perfumed paint additives last for six to twelve months and are particularly useful in maintenance works since no one needs to move out for you to paint.

Plain paint is sometimes not enough for the protection and decoration of your walls. The given paint additives transform your paint and enhance its performance. However, without an experienced painter to apply the paint, the listed additives will not do much for your surfaces.

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