Over Sea and Land: Notable Amphibious Vehicles and their Applications

UTV passing through muddy terrain

Have you ever been on a vehicle that can seamlessly and unceremoniously take you from land to water?

It may seem like a scene lifted from The Jetsons, but it’s true, some vehicles can take you from land to water with no fuss. These vehicles are widely used in many industries and companies such as shanksargo.com who specialize in fabricating heavy-duty XTVs or UTVs that can tread through mud, snow, and steep inclines as well as cross over floods, rivers, and even lakes.

Here are some surprising applications for amphibious UTVs or XTVs:

For Leisure

It turns out, the concept of amphibious vehicles wasn’t entirely new. Meet the Amphicar, a German amphibious vehicle that first went on sale in 1961. According to experts, the Amphicar wasn’t exactly a good car, nor was it a particularly good boat – its manufacturers created it purely for recreation. Despite its modest performance and with just a handful of units produced (about 4,000), it still ranked among the most successful amphibious civilian vehicles of all time.

For the Military

Creators of the intimidating Howe & Howe Riptide engineered the vehicle for the military. Capable of running 80 miles per hour, it’s easily the fastest tank ever built. Its manufacturers have integrated a marine radar system and a remote controlled-machine gun, among other features.

For Tours

The sight of a seemingly regular bus diving straight for the water may cause panic, but in some cities in Europe and Asia, these buses are simply vehicles that offer fantastic tours of the city. The buses, built with a chassis underneath, drive like any ordinary bus on the road but floats through powerful water jets. You can see these vehicles around Hamburg, Amsterdam, and similar technology in Singapore.

In the US, outdoor enthusiasts also use amphibious vehicles to explore heavily wooded areas and waterways.

Amphibious vehicles are changing the way individuals explore the world and fulfill their tasks. From leisure to the military, agriculture, search and rescue and more, there is now a UTV that suits every unique requirement.