Who needs braces in Coalville?

braces straightening teethEver wondered how many adults need braces in Coalville? Probably more than will actually go and get them fitted. Often, people don’t bother to find out from a dentist about getting their teeth straightened because they think teeth straightening is no longer possible after they reach their 20s. However, it is not true that the teeth have set hard in the jawbone and won’t be shifted.

Indeed, unlike bones, which lose their malleability in the late teens, the teeth can be moved in the jawbone no matter how old someone is. So, it is never too late to get braces in Coalville. There are several dental practices in the town that offer teeth straightening, and one is Ingrams Dental Practice.

It takes sustained pressure to move teeth in a particular direction. After about 72 hours of pressure, the jawbone responds to ease the pressure by melting away the bone in front of the tooth and rebuilding it behind the tooth. It is not an overnight process, and the average treatment time is about a year. However, there can be much quicker treatment times depending on what needs doing.

All sorts of appliances are available for shifting teeth. Those aimed at the adult market aim make a point of being as discreet and quick as possible. Most adult teeth straightening does not need to take as long because there is no work being done to realign the jaw. That’s the bit that can take two or three years. When it is just the front six social teeth, which are those on view when people talk and smile, it takes much less time, partly because there is only one root to each tooth. The back molars have three roots and take more pressure to shift.

The best way to find out which kind of braces in Coalville are best suited to a particular issue around teeth straightening is to go along to a dentist for a consultation. Dentists sometimes offer free consultations. If not, they may well knock off the price of the consultation when the treatment is taken up.

Patients often celebrate the end of their treatment by having their lovely new straight teeth whitened when their braces come off.