Mistakes Men Make When Proposing

Man proposing to his girlfriendWhether it’s excitement, nerves, or a combination of both, the time before you pop the question may be filled with uncertainty. That’s OK, it’s normal — unless your uncertainty stems from something else, like feeling you’re about to make a mistake.

But if you love her, you’ll ignore everything else, right? Well, not exactly. Before deciding on when, where, and how you’re going to propose, read this article about the things you should not do before asking your significant other to tie the knot.

Not Checking for Signals

Before getting on one knee and asking her to marry you, look for signals that she’s indeed ready to take that step. There’s nothing worse than doing a public proposal and not getting the answer you were expecting. If she’s the type who’s ultra-difficult to read, at least stay away from public proposal ideas. In private, you can at least save face.

Not Having a Budget

A small budget is always better than no budget at all. Know what you can afford, and when. If you’re not financially capable at this time, work and save to make it happen in six months to one year. Having a goal like this may help you save, even if you’re not the type to do so.

Spending Too Much

Even if you do have some money now, that’s no reason to overspend on a proposal or a wedding just to enter marriage deep in debt. There are many ways to save and to work within your budget. For example, MoissaniteCo.com notes that you should look into the cost of diamond vs. moissanite for the engagement ring. Both stones are lovely, and both “are forever,” but the price of a moissanite is only a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

Not Being Emotionally and Psychologically Ready

People often rush into marriage. It’s a serious responsibility, so by the time you decide to propose you already should be at least getting to a point where you have reconciled within yourself that you will be saying goodbye to your singlehood. If you haven’t arrived at that point, then you may want to reconsider the timing. Just because your families are rushing you, or your friends have all tied the knot, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time.

Many of those so-called impromptu proposals took time to get there. Preparation is important, perhaps in this situation more than others.