Missing Teeth: Do You Really Need to Replace Them?

dental implantWhen a tooth removal becomes necessary for whatever reason, you may be wondering if you need to replace the lost tooth right way. While it is true that many people can get by or survive with some missing teeth, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you.

Dentists and dental implant procedure experts always recommend replacing the lost tooth to avoid serious consequences that go beyond aesthetics:

Self-Consciousness and Negative Impressions

A missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. It can make you feel embarrassed when smiling, talking, or laughing in public. You can’t also stop people from judging you based on your smile or appearance. With bad or missing teeth, some may think that you don’t care about your health or yourself. This can hurt your chances of scoring a date or landing your dream job.

Changes in Diet and Nutrition

You may still be able to eat with a few missing teeth, but this will put extra stress on your remaining teeth and jaw. In some cases, lost teeth can also make it harder for you eat certain foods or change the way you eat. This is especially true if you’ve lost a chopper on your natural chewing side. This may also compromise your diet and nutrition.

Alignment Issues and Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the surrounding teeth will shift and cause alignment issues. It can result in bite changes, tooth pain, and crooked teeth. Bone loss is another consequence, as there is no stimulation to surrounding area, leading to a decrease of the bone’s density and dimension. This can affect your appearance or make you older than you are.

There are some solutions for replacing lost teeth. Nothing, however, beats the rewards and functionality of dental implants. They are the closest thing to your natural teeth, as they look and feel like the real thing. This is because of the artificial tooth root (usually made of titanium) that infuses with your jawbone over time. This provides a stable foundation for your replacement teeth. Contact an implant dentist today and find out if you are a candidate for the procedure.