Mediterranean Cuisine: Understanding the Taste of Freshness

Woman eating mediterranean foodFresh ingredients make all the difference when serving a dish. It could be the simplest salad, but with fresh lettuce and a dressing you prepared from scratch, it will be divine. Now, imagine what you can do with fresh produce, fresh meat, and freshly prepared dishes.

A successful Mediterranean fast food franchise relies on two things: authentic recipes and fresh ingredients. Here’s what you should remember when operating your franchise business:


It’s understandable that you stock up on ingredients in the kitchen, so you will be prepared for any large batches or orders. When a big group comes in for lunch, it’ll be embarrassing if you ran out of ingredients for half of their orders. You should have a FIFO (first in, first out) system in place so that the first vegetables from your suppliers are first to be used. This guarantees that no old vegetable makes its way into a dish, which, in turn, minimizes wastage of food and money, as well as reduces the risk of food poisoning.

Taste Everything

The flavor varies depending on whether you used fresh or dried spices. Dried spices have a concentrated flavor, but fresh spices have a more robust profile. The order in which you add fresh or dried spices into the dish also plays a role in how much they contribute to the flavor. You wouldn’t know how the flavor changed if you don’t taste the dish. No food should leave the kitchen without being tasted by the head chef and if the flavor is not right, amend it instead of just shrugging your shoulders and turning a blind eye.

Do Not Compromise Quality

You do not want to compromise on the quality of ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. A customer who loves the cuisine will know the difference and even if you are serving to someone new to these dishes, the flavors they first encounter will make them decide whether they will come back for more or not. In addition, you wouldn’t know when an undercover food critic is dropping by. Better be ready with fresh and high-quality ingredients every day.

You may be serving fast food, but it shouldn’t compromise the taste of your Mediterranean dishes. Season and taste everything before serving it to your customers.