Maintenance: The Tools You Need for Proper Motorcycle Care

Man riding a motorcycleMotorcycles can give their riders a sense of freedom, individuality, and thrill. You probably want to experience such sensations as well, which may have encouraged you to save up and buy a motorcycle. Part of owning a motorcycle, however, is its care and maintenance. Apart from purchasing the motorcycle itself, you also have to buy the necessary tools to take good care of it.

For Oil Draining

For the most basic of tools, you can get an oil drain pan. Changing the oil will be the most common maintenance activity to do. An oil drain pan can easily catch all the oil you change, allowing for easy transportation. You can then properly dispose of the oil at an auto parts store or at a recycling center.

For Support

JMC Equipment noted that you could only work safely on your motorcycle if you have the right support. You can purchase a motorcycle lift, such as a Titan 1000D-motorcycle lift, for easier bike maintenance. It may be quite an investment, especially when you have just bought a motorcycle, yet the convenience and aid of a motorcycle lift more than makes up for its price.

For Lubrication and Tightening

Other tools include a cable luber to lubricate the throttle and clutch cables. You can also get pliers, wrenches, sockets, and a torque wrench. Get several different sizes to have them ready in case you need some specific size.

For Electrical Matters

A multimeter can come in handy in motorcycle maintenance. You can check your bike’s battery, inspect the ignition coils, and identify any short-circuits with a multi-meter. It’s okay to get even just the cheapest one since it can already help immensely in electrical issues.

You can get all the tools above, and you can immediately perform basic maintenance on your motorcycle. When you plan to do more advanced work, you can purchase special tools specific to your motorcycle from your bike’s manufacturer. Remember to buy rubber gloves, duct tape, electrical tape, WD-40, lubes, and other such tools as well.