Keep Your Pool Clean and Sanitary for Total Fun

Luxury outdoor poolWhen it comes to proper spa pool care, the one that takes the lead is to ensure that you keep the water clean and pure at all times. This requires the correct combination of management practices for disinfection, filtration, circulation and the use of the right pool chemicals.

According to Preferred Pool and Spa, you can expect to have endless enjoyment if your pool os well-maintained. But if you don’t properly look after your spa, it can become a home to harmful microorganisms that can cause bathers to develop serious illnesses.

Replace the spa filter based on how often you use the pool.

A critical component of your spa maintenance is to make certain of a properly-functioning filtration system. While filter manufacturers have recommendations on when you should clean or replace them, you should still base it on how much you use the pool.

In most cases, the ideal time for replacement is after a year of use. You may also consider changing it after the spa has undergone about 10 to 15 cleanings. A good way to determine whether the cartridge has broken down is to have Salt Lake City spa service professionals check it for you. These experts can tell you whether it’s already time to have it changed.

It’s important that you don’t delay cleaning or replacing the filters, or you put everyone who uses the spa at risk of various health conditions, particularly skin ailments such as dermatitis.

Cleaning must-know

While you can always clean your spa, it’s best that you leave a full cleaning task in the hands of spa service professionals. If you perform a routine cleaning, make sure that you drain out the spa first and that you only use special cleaning solutions suitable for pools. Also, make sure that you get rid of floating debris before using your pool spa.

Make sure you get full use out of your spa while remaining healthy with these proper cleaning and sanitation must-dos.