It’s Not Just About the Toppings: What Sells a Hot Dog?

Franchise opportunityHot dogs can be simple or fancy depending on its toppings. For those who are more adventurous, a variety of condiments can elevate the snack. It cannot be helped that purists say hot dogs should not be eaten with ketchup and other assortments, but at the end of the day, is it just the toppings that sell?

These three factors come to play, too:


Convenience is one of the reasons hot dogs are popular. They can be sold off a food truck or at a dedicated shop across the street from a busy building. When considering a hot dog franchise opportunity, you should look for possible locations and consider the foot traffic you can expect during busy hours. Scope the competition, as well. You should be able to compete with nearby vendors, if any.


People like hot dogs because they are easily accessible. They can be eaten while on the way home or during their break. You don’t even need to provide seats to customers. But it will be irritating to customers if the hot dogs are done so messily that they have to be careful eating it if they don’t want mustard on their clothes. There are messy eaters, and it cannot be helped if they ruin their clothes, but for the average hot dog consumer, your packaging should hold up neatly.

Value for Money

As mentioned, hot dogs can be simple or fancy. Whatever the price point you’re targeting, your food should offer value for money. For food trucks, costs should not be outrageously high. Hot dogs served at fancy restaurants, with gold leaves or black truffle mustard, are expected to cost more. Then again, these are not what people’s palates and wallets crave regularly.

It’s not always the fancy food that people prefer. As long as you offer convenience and value for money, your hot dogs will sell and get great reviews.