Increase Property Value and Add Extra Space with a Loft Conversion

Modern minimalist interior spaceExtra space is always a premium for an old house. Unfortunately, there are only a few spaces in cities that would allow for a new residential building. The only alternative is to create space. The options are usually to have an extension at the back of the house or to convert an area into a loft. A loft conversion company can provide help with creating space above your home. Making a loft habitable depends on a lot of factors. The owner needs to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on building a loft.

Alternatives to a Loft

The loft is a logical solution to creating more space. There are other alternatives like an extension or a conservatory built beside the house. But the main disadvantage of building an extension or a conservatory is the need for planning permission. Building a loft does not need an application for a planning permission from the local board. The construction cost can also be a hindrance. Building a loft is usually not expensive, unless the ceiling is too low or there is not enough space between ceiling and roof. If this is the case, the roof has to be raised or the ceiling lowered. Either way, it would affect the structural integrity of the main house. In contrast, an extension would have almost no effect on the main structure. If there’s a need for a lot of space, a loft is not the solution.


The most obvious advantage of building a loft is creating extra space. It also happens to be the most common reason. The long-term advantage of having more space is the increase in property value. The property value can increase by up to 20% after a loft conversion. Speaking strictly about financial costs, this is a sizable return on investment. If a homeowner has not yet considered a loft conversion, the financial returns can be persuasive.

Loft conversions can be expensive, depending on the house. However, the increase in property value after adding a loft can be substantial. It may not be the primary reason for the project, but it is a bonus.