How to Stay Safe with Facial Aesthetics in Camden

a woman with perfect teethCosmetic dentistry is on the rise in recent years and as it grows in popularity, more dentists are introducing other cosmetic treatments which do not focus solely on the teeth in their practices. Now that teeth are looking much better from an aesthetic point of view, it is time to consider other areas in the face and around the smile with the help of facial aesthetics.

Facial aesthetics in Camden are available in selected, regulated dental practices. While Botox and dermal fillers can be provided by non-regulated practitioners as well, patients are warned to remain vigilant and only trust qualified clinicians, such as those at Ace Dental. Unregulated use of Botox and dermal fillers can cause many problems.

What to look out for

Patients who are interested in facial aesthetics in Camden can talk to a qualified dentist about what to expect from treatment. Unlike most Botox practitioners, dentists have spent many years focusing on the face and the area around the mouth and can administer injections with precision.

However, patients should choose their Botox and dermal filler provider solely on the basis of their qualifications and credentials. Dentists who are not qualified to administer Botox and dermal fillers should not be doing so. Adverse reactions from malpractice include pain, sensitivity, deformation, and in rare cases necrosis, where skin tissue begins to deteriorate. On top of the physical pain, patients will have to deal with emotional distress and low self-esteem.

Another thing to be vigilant about when looking for facial aesthetics in Camden is hygiene and quality standards. Dentists who are using Botox and dermal fillers should use high-quality materials and keep their equipment sterile for each patient to avoid infection. Most dentists work under very strict compliance and should already have the necessary guarantees to protect patients from unnecessary distress.

Effective results

In the hands of a qualified dentist, facial aesthetics treatments can have a positive impact and restore a patient’s appearance. Dentists are qualified professionals who have spent years treating patients and ensuring the best possible results. Choosing a dentist for facial aesthetics in Camden is a safe bet.