How to Make Working at Height Easier for Your Business

Scissor LiftTasks that require a ladder or have you climb onto something are considered tough because of the risks involved and the hassle of going up and down for tools and materials. Your job could be as simple as fixing a roof or replacing the lights inside a gym, but if this is what your business does, you need a specialised equipment to make the job easier.

In Australia, has become known as a difficult access specialist, from whom you can get lifts. These equipments, which fall under the mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) category, include different kinds of vehicles designed for working at height. They help to get the job done in a shorter time.

Kinds of MEWPs

There are three basic types of aerial platforms:

1. Scissor Lift – Named for its crisscross mechanism that mimics the action of a pair of scissors, it provides vertical lift with a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical action. It comes in diesel, electric, or hybrid types and can be mobile or static.

2. Cherry Picker – So named because it was originally built for use in orchards, it uses a boom (a hinged arm with a “box” in one end) to carry people or equipment.

3. Push Around Vehicle (PAV) – Commonly used for lower-level work, it offers a stable platform and ease of use as it can be pushed from one place to another.

The Best Kind

And then there’s the relatively newcomer known as specialist tracked platform, or the Spider Lift, which can do the job that conventional MEWPs can’t handle. With its legs that stretch and remind you of its arachnid namesake, the Spider Lift has a lot going for it as the go-to MEWP that can do the job. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Can reach hard-to-reach places and fit even in narrow passages;
  • It is much lighter than conventional specialist machinery;
  • Because it is track driven, it can climb steep locations and even stairs;
  • Can run on electricity or diesel, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks;
  • Capable of carrying loads of from 176 pounds to 500 pounds; and
  • Can function in both hot and cold weather.

If you have finally decided to invest in machinery that will tremendously make it easy for you to access high places to do your job, don’t forget that a spider may be just what you need.