How to Maintain Your Sprinklers Properly

Automated sprinkler in the gardenSprinklers are a great investment for your garden and your whole house. It’s a great addition to your plants as well, as they would always look great and alive even if you go away for a few days.

Utah Sprinkler recommends the following tips on properly maintaining your sprinklers and keeping it working well for a long time.

1. Inspect your sprinklers

Take a good and hard look at your sprinklers every once in a while and see if any cracks and leaks are present in them. You should also check for broken lines and misdirected sprinkler heads to make sure that your sprinklers are still doing their jobs.

Checking for leaks and cracks can also save you from a huge water bill, which can be super helpful if you want to save money on your bills.

2. Pay attention to your backflow

A professional should check and test this at least once a year. Automatic sprinklers usually have backflow connections, which the law requires annual checkups.

Make sure to get a state-certified tester to avoid false issues or problems. Always interview the tester, just to be sure.

3. Get a rain sensor

Buy a rain sensor for your sprinklers to make sure that they won’t be working overtime. This way, your sprinklers will automatically turn off when a certain amount of rain has fallen from the skies.

Also, when your sprinklers are off during the rain, they won’t collect moisture as much. When the rain stops though, your sprinklers will automatically be re-enabled again.

If you notice any problem with your sprinklers, always ask a professional for help. Do not try and repair it all by yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process.