How to Keep Your Natural Teeth Strong

Woman pointing at her health teethHealthy people are born with naturally strong teeth. As a matter of fact, your molars can produce up to 200 Lb. of pressure when you bite down on something, and they can keep doing that for life, so long as they remain healthy.

As you go through life, however, you compromise your dental health, affecting your teeth’s natural strength. You want to keep your teeth for a lifetime, of course. After all, who doesn’t? 

Here are some pieces of advice to help you manage that.

Cut down on sugar

Sugar is perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to cavities and tooth decay. Sucrose from all those candies, soda and many other foods and beverages can really do a number on the health of your teeth. Some foods may not taste sweet, but they produce sugar when they break down just the same.

Avoid acidic foods and beverages

Wine, coffee, tea and soft drinks are good examples of acidic beverages that affect your teeth. Your teeth’s enamel, or the hard, outer covering, wears down over time when constantly given that acid bath.

When you expose your teeth’s enamel to acidic foods and beverages, you compromise its ability to protect your teeth.

Always protect your teeth

Even if you take good care of your dental health, your teeth may still get knocked out of their socket. One reason this could happen is playing contact sports without the benefit of a bespoke mouth guard to protect their teeth.

If a tooth does get knocked out, try to put it back in the socket if possible, and then go immediately to an emergency dentist here in Enfield. If putting it back is not feasible, make sure to soak the tooth in milk or clean water and take it to your dental professional.

Visit your dentist for consultations and cleaning

Only your dentist can remove plaque and tartar, so you have to visit your dentist on schedule. It varies for every person, but the most common number of dental visits is two per year. Aside from cleaning, your dentist may also have some good advice and may recommend other treatments.

Keeping your teeth healthy and strong can help you enjoy them for a lifetime. Follow these simple pieces of advice, and you may never have to worry again about losing your teeth.