How to Choose a Personal Injury Law Firm

Liability form for personal injuryIf you make a search online for a reputable personal injury law firm in Marysville, you will get hundreds of thousands of results. You can imagine that finding one is easy, but it isn’t. Feldman & Lee PS noted that finding the right one is going to take a bit more work. You need to know what questions to ask to whittle it down to just two or three. Here are some tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer:

What is the area of specialization?

Personal injury is a specialty, so make sure that the firm has lawyers who only handle personal injury cases. That’s not the only qualification. There are always two sides to a case, the plaintiff and the defendant. The lawyer should specialize in representing your side of the case. If you are the one suing, you want a plaintiff’s lawyer. If you are on the receiving side of a lawsuit, you want a defendant’s lawyer.

How much experience does the lawyer have?

Of course, you’ll hire the best lawyer if you want to win. That usually means getting one with a lot of experience in winning personal injury cases. You may have to pay more, but it’s an investment. An inexperienced lawyer may ask for less, but you may end up losing your case.

If you’re the plaintiff, you can get around large legal fees by finding a lawyer that charges on a contingency basis. This means you only have to pay the lawyer if you win the case. They get a percentage of your damage awards.

What is the reputation of the lawyer?

You want a lawyer that not only wins cases, but acts ethically towards clients. There have been cases where personal injury lawyers kept the settlement checks for themselves. It does not happen all the time. It almost never happens with established law firms in Washington, but it pays to be careful. You can check the state bar to see if the lawyer has received any disciplinary action for ethical violations.

These are just a few ways to find the right personal injury law firm Marysville for you. However, these are the big ones. You can narrow your search considerably by identifying the law firms that satisfy these requirements.