Hiring a Court Reporter More Important Now Due to Shortage

A court reporterThere are several reasons why you should hire a court reporter from a third-party company, although the current shortage of professionals seems to be the most obvious reason at this moment.

In cities such as Kansas City, Mo., or Phoenix, court reporting services have become more in-demand particularly for legal cases. The current shortage has made it more difficult to recruit new professionals, hence the need to ask for third-party services.

Court Stenographers

Also known as court stenographers, the level of expertise of these professionals would mostly determine the accuracy of legal documentation during trials. Court reporters are also required to abide by a strict code of confidentiality in every case, aside from keeping a neutral stance on the matter.

A distinct benefit of hiring court reporters involves their ability to intervene during situations when several people talk at once. By doing so, they prevent court proceedings from taking more time than necessary. The concept of saving time also applies to the timely delivery of court transcriptions, since they are aware that delays may hurt the progress of a case.

Qualified Candidates

A court reporter should complete at least two years of training before working inside a courtroom. They should be capable of typing more than 200 words per minute on a stenotype machine. Their annual salary amounts to an average of $51,300, yet some states are still struggling to fill vacancies.

In Kansas, there are 11 open positions for court reports while Missouri needs 15 new professionals. Legal cases in these states have been supposedly delayed because of the shortage of court reporters.


Despite being an expensive service, there is no doubt that court reporters play an important role the justice system. When choosing the right third-party service provider, you should consider a company that specializes in different types of legal cases.