Here Are 3 Steps to Take When an Appliance You Just Bought Breaks Down

Household and kitchen appliances on the table in kitchenSo the stove you bought last week is now being stubborn, or your two-month-old fridge just won’t cool. You’re scratching your head wondering whether to call a broken appliance repair expert in Millcreek like or return the appliance to the store you bought if from right away. What should you do? Here are a few simple suggestions to mitigate the situation.

Determine whether the appliance is a lemon

Before picking up the phone and yelling at the seller, it’s important to find out whether it’s the appliance with the problem or not. Could it be that you are not using the appliance correctly? Well, that’s something you need to be sure about. Recheck the owner’s manual for directions, or ask the company politely to send a tech to show you how to use the appliance correctly.

If the appliance is a lemon, ask for a replacement

If, after making sure that you’re doing everything properly but the appliance will still not work, now’s the time to have a technician check it out. If the appliance is on a warranty, then your seller will cover the repair costs. Should the appliance exhibit issues even after several service calls, ask for a replacement. Sometimes, you’ll need to be persistent to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Take the matter to a small claims court

Hopefully, you will find a solution long before you need to take legal action. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that appliances do not come cheap, with some setting you back several thousand dollars. If even after your best efforts the manufacturer doesn’t seem willing to help you resolve the issue with your appliance, you may consider filing a case with a small claims court.

When a new appliance becomes defective, you want the matter resolved as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t inconvenience you too much. By taking the right steps, you can save yourself unnecessary anguish and expenditure and get things back to normal in no time.