Helpful Hacks Easily Forgotten When Relocating Offices

Women moving to new officeRelocating the business can bring some welcome advantages like penetrating a new market or providing a convenient business location for associates and clientele. But seeing a move through to completion can also bring both temporary and permanent issues that affect productivity. Avoid extended downtimes related to disorganised office relocation with these often-neglected hacks for a more orderly move.

Assign a Relocation Project Committee

It’s easy to announce the relocation and to cascade specific instructions to employees, then hope for the best when moving day arrives. But assigning a special team to handle the move will make for a more organised and more efficient relocation. Select point persons from each department to ensure proper compliance with relocation instructions to avoid problems like lost files and misplaced equipment. Moreover, assigning a relocation committee ensures that there are specific individuals who will be accountable for small but important tasks that may fall through the cracks during the chaos of the move.

Embark on a Company-Wide Decluttering Drive

Most offices execute a move with little planning, only to face delays in unpacking because they failed to get rid of the unnecessary items. Before packing, sort through files and dispose of those you no longer need or have use for. Save on time, energy and costs associated with the move by thoughtfully decluttering files, beforehand. Dispose of files no longer needed in the business or archive those that are infrequently used but still relevant. It is your responsibility, though, to protect data and confidentiality. To this end, LKM Recycling suggests that you contract shredding services for a more seamless process.

Label Even the Simplest Items

Save time unpacking and setting up workstations by labelling even the most mundane cables or plugs. Most people neglect to label the small parts and accessories which causes delays setting up the business at the new location. Avoid this by using adhesive labels to identify where and to whom each item belongs.

With these helpful tips and hacks, you can expect to reduce downtime associated with relocating offices. As a result, you can get the business running in the shortest amount of time possible at its new home.