Health Care: Know 3 Causes of Back Pain and Ways to Prevent Them

someone experiencing back painAside from a headache, another common health problem anyone would want relief from is back pain.

If you are one of those whose backs have been aching lately, you ought to know the possible reasons behind it.

This will help you know the things you can do to prevent these causes.

1. Lack of Exercise

If you are no longer keeping your body in good shape, you are more prone to feel back pain when you do simple movements such as picking up and carrying a laundry basket. Remember, your muscles are meant to move, and if you don’t exercise yours, it may keep your joints from being fluid.

What you can do is to exercise regularly. Get up and keep moving. Exercising can also help you lose weight since excessive weight, especially belly fat, can cause strain on your back.

2. Poor Mattress

If you’re exercising regularly and eating healthy, yet your back still aches, your mattress may be the one causing it. Experiencing back pain right when you wake up, yet being able to recover from it within 15-30 minutes after stretching, may indicate that your mattress is the culprit.

If that is the case, you must not hesitate to replace it. There are affordable yet high-quality mattresses available here at Utah. Do invest in a very important piece of furniture that you sleep on for eight hours or more to ensure your good health.

3. Unhealthy Diet

As mentioned, keeping your body fit will help you prevent back pain. Thus, an unhealthy diet composed of an excessive amount of junk food or fast food will not help you maintain a healthy weight. Aside from that, eating unhealthy food can also strain your nervous and digestive system.

Most people complaining of low back pain actually have irritated bowels. Adding in your diet the right amount of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, dairy products, whole grains, and an entirely balanced diet in general, will keep your body systems healthy and functioning well.

This, in turn, can keep you from having back pains.

These are just some of the reasons for back pain. However, do take note and apply these preventive tips to keep you physically fit, healthy, and back pain-free!

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