Finding a Good Fit for Snowboard Boots

Group of snowboardersSnowboarding is an amazing experience; it can give you a feeling of being one with nature. The only trouble with snowboarding is your feet. The cold can make your feet feel uncomfortable, so wearing men’s heated snowboard boots may be a good idea.

However, the biggest issue with snowboard boots is the fit. Your boots must fit well, so you can continue riding all day without discomfort. shares a quick guide to finding the pair of boots that fit just right.

Mondo Print

The first thing you need to do once you have decided on a specific pair of boots is to find your size. In most cases, your regular foot size should work for snowboard boots. But it’s not always the case. A good starting point is the mondo print, which specifies the size of the foot a boot should fit. For example, a 30-cm mondo print should fit a 30-cm foot.


The next step is to try the boots on, wearing the riding socks you plan to use when snowboarding. Make sure the socks fit snugly and not made of 100% cotton, which retains moisture. Stand up in them in a classic riding position and try to touch your big toe. If you feel any bit of discomfort in your feet, that means the boots don’t fit correctly. Try a slightly larger size.

Heel Lift

The next thing you should do is check the heel-lift. Do this by going back to your normal stance. While keeping your heel on the ground, slowly lean forward. Check how far your heel leaves the boot’s liner when you do. A little bit of lift is normal, but a lot means the boot is not a good fit. Too much heel-lift can be a problem when turning sharply or changing between edges.

Some boots have adjustable liners that can be heat-molded to fit you more comfortably. If the boots you tried on have that feature, it can correct excessive heel-lift. Otherwise, choose another boot or boot size.


Depending on the way you ride, you will need the right kind of flex. Freestyle riders need more ankle motion range than a freerider. For freestyle riding, choose a pair of boots that allows you to bend the leg forward without losing your balance. For freeriding, choose stiffer boots around the ankle to support you when stopping and carving without feeling any discomfort.

The fit is your most important consideration when choosing snowboard boots. Once you have that, you can go for the extra features. Men’s heated snowboard boots can add to your comfort when riding the snow.