Fighting Over Trivial Things Can Make Your Divorce More Expensive

a wife with his estranged husband Divorce is already stressful, but couples have a way of making it more stressful and complicated by fighting over things that don’t matter. The sad part, these trivial things can interfere with case resolution, making everything more expensive and time-consuming. There is also the risk of incurring more hatred and anxiety after the divorce is over.

The Trivial Item

There are instances where you and your partner can work a few issues out, but then get stuck on something unimportant and ridiculous like a spatula or an expensive stand mixer. It is, of course, not the appliance or the tool you are fighting over, but what it represents. It is often hard for one spouse to let the other one cross over a certain emotional line.

The Consequences

If you find yourself and your soon-to-be ex-spouse fighting over pots, pans, tools, and appliances, you can expect your case to cost more. The process, furthermore, will not be smooth-sailing if one or both party is not willing to compromise. Divorce lawyers from the Burnham Law Office, P.C. in Boulder note that the more you are willing to spend time and money of getting something insignificant, the more you likely to prolong the case.

Being Mindful

In most cases, if you’re dealing with an aggressive spouse, it is best to let him/her have what you are fighting over. Most tools and appliances are replaceable unless something has a special value to you. You also have to be mindful of what you are fighting over, as you may forget other important issues like child custody and support, alimony, and property division.

The Lawyer’s Help

Working with a divorce lawyer can guide you through this tough time when your emotions have a potential to ruin your case. A reliable lawyer can tell you to focus more on the important matters, instead of ridiculous things that can lead to hundreds or thousands of extra fees. You can spend more time and resources when fighting over kids, especially if you want sole custody.

You need to learn to let things go, especially trivial ones. You can let your spouse have them, as chances are, you will be much happier with a brand new tool or appliance. Get in touch with a divorce lawyer for proper legal guidance during this time.