Family Bicycle: Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bike

Child learning to bikeYour child learning how to ride a bicycle can be a momentous event, but before that happens, you first have to teach them to love and do cycling. One of the best ways you can do so lies in the use of a family bike. This not only teach your child to love how to cycle, but it can also promote family bonding.

Cycling with the Family

A family bike refers to a kind of bicycle that allows you to carry either your child along (like cargo) or have your child trail behind you (pedaling as well). These two different features can be found in cargo bikes and trailer bikes. Each of them will suit you best depending on the age of your child.

Bicycles for Parents and Toddlers

For parents with toddlers, cargo bicycles make the best choice. These have compartments that allow you to carry your child on the bicycle. In fact, cargo bicycles can make it possible for you to carry two to three toddlers, plus their backpacks.

Bicycles for Parents and Older Children

Parents with older children who can start learning how to cycle themselves, on the other hand, can benefit the most from trailer bicycles. These attach a bike build — with one wheel, seat, and pedal system — on a regular bicycle. This way, your child can pedal away behind you as you cycle.

Why a Family Bike?

Cargo and trailer bicycles each have their benefits. Cargo bicycles can be great for both family outings or for school and work commutes. You can carry your child or children along, plus some baggage, without a fuss. Trailer bikes, on the other hand, work great for exclusive family cycling sessions, as well as cycling lessons. No matter what kind of bike you choose, however, you can already instill a love of biking in your child.

With such capabilities and benefits, a family bike can then pull your child into cycling, and you both can enjoy the journey along the way.


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