Enhance Publisher-Author Relations with these Methods

A writer typing on her laptop with a cup of coffeeWhen you look at business companies today, you may notice that many are shifting towards providing more value to their employees. You can simply look at Google with their headquarters around the world that may as well be giant playgrounds.

The idea behind the shift involves building an excellent employee experience that develops employees in every way. Employees may become more productive or become more engaging with clients. Furthermore, a great employee experience also retains valuable employees.

In a world of freelancers, companies need to keep their workers.

Focus on Authors

What do business companies have to do with publishers such as you? You may be able to learn from the example of business companies, but with regards to your authors, not your employees.

Authors today have several avenues to publish their work. They can publish online, through an online or mobile platform, or by self-publishing. You can attract authors away from such channels to work with you if you provide valuable services to them.

Use Software

You can focus and improve publisher-author relations in your publishing house in many ways. You can use royalty accounting software and related software, such as the ones provided by firms such as MetaComet® Systems, Inc., which connect you with your authors.

The software can help you not only manage royalties to your authors but also collaborate with your authors on their works using a shared platform.


Besides software, you can also connect with first-time authors by orienting them with the publishing industry. Most, if not all, authors have little to no idea about the publishing process and the publishing world. When an author has potential, you can show him or her the ropes.

Together, you can make successful publications.


Finally, you can be open to innovation. When your author has a novel idea that may help with promotion, sales, or even customer relations, you can try to make way for such ideas. You still have to consider the idea carefully, however.

Authors who feel cared for by their publishers can bring great returns to their publishing houses. Are you ready to offer more value?