Direct Cremation: A Funeral You Should Consider

Man in suit giving a blue urnMany people are now exploring cremation to say their final goodbyes. A direct cremation is the perfect way to have an affordable funeral. Not everyone likes a long funeral ceremony then you could plan a funeral with the help of funeral planning services.

A direct cremation package has all the essentials included in their funeral planning services, which include: transportation from the morgue to the crematorium, a simple wooden coffin, crematorium fees, and the cremation itself. It is the economical way to hold a funeral.

Secular Memorial Services

If you do not want a church service, you can hold a non-religious memorial service that you can plan on your own. Friends and family can also add their contributions. Memorials can be held in private homes so relatives can share photographs, food, and memories anywhere in the house, from the living room to the garden.

More Choices

Standard burials offer either a cemetery plot or garden for the ashes. With direct cremation, You can choose a location to scatter the ashes. Some cemeteries offer gardens and forests where you can spread the ashes of the deceased. Keen sailors or fishing enthusiasts can have their ashes placed in a water urn and dropped into the sea. Country parks and woodlands and other picturesque areas are also ideal for scattering ashes.

Some funeral services allow traditional burials partnered with secular memorial services. This freedom makes it easier for grieving families to customise a memorial service that would suit their loved one and their financial situation.

For a funeral at a fraction of the cost, direct cremation offers a simple and affordable alternative for people who want an economical way to say their final farewells. An economical funeral gives the grieving family the chance to say goodbye in the way their loved one would have wanted.