Cotton Swabs and Ears Don’t Mix

Mother Cleaning Baby's EarWhen it comes to cleaning ears, cotton swabs or Q-tips are a common choice. While they may seem the right tool, medical experts declare the otherwise. They don’t advise everyone to use them, as they can cause serious repercussions like impacted earwax and punctured eardrums. It is also not advisable to use tweezers, hair pins, paper clips, and many other things.

Damage to Ears

With earwax accumulating, it is tempting to use Q-tips and other tools to remove it. This is to avoid wax buildup and decreased hearing. The trouble is, this is dangerous and can cause more harm than good. The swab can quickly reach the delicate eardrum and cause ruptures, even with gentle pressure. Hearing centers in Washington this note that can cause severe pain, which can take a while to heal.

Cleaning Your Ears

If you’re wondering if ears need cleaning, experts say yes and no. In most cases, the outer ear will benefit from cleaning using a washcloth with little soap and water when showering. The ear canal, for the most part, doesn’t always need cleaning. Note that when you shower, the right amount of water goes into the ear canal, loosening the wax. The canal’s skin also grows outwardly, causing the wax to go with it. Mostly, the wax will loosen and fall out on its own.

For Heavy Wax Buildup

If you, however, have heavy wax buildup, you need to see a hearing doctor. This is to remove the wax using the right tools and solution. This may involve the use of water mixed with little peroxide. If wax buildup is a frequent problem for you, ask your doctor how you can remove it or do the procedure on your own at home. Don’t resort to using swabs to remove it by yourself.

For a more significant wax buildup that’s affecting your hearing, consult a hearing doctor. This is to assess the health of your ear and determine the right treatment. A healthcare professional can also advise you on the right way to care for your ears and hearing.

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