Continuing Prosperity: Best Investment Options in the Philippines

CoinsWith the Philippines enjoying a 6.8% market growth in 2017, the time is right for investors to inject more capital into the economy.

With unemployment rates going down and market shares going up, the Philippines is set to enjoy a strong economy until 2018, if investors and consumers continue to propagate spending. Here are some investment options to consider.

Resource Process Outsourcing

Resource Process Outsourcing, or RPO, is one of the more popular trends in corporate human resources. RPO’s take potential employees, train them to the highest industry standards, and then help connect them to relevant companies.

The benefit of an RPO is their stringent hiring policies, with regular performance evaluations to determine efficiency and work ethic. Given the constant demand for high caliber employees, investing in an RPO business has the potential to yield strong and consistent returns.

Retail Spaces and Shopping Malls

Specifically, because of the strong economy, more people have liquid assets, which translates to more spending. With malls and retail spaces remaining the top choice as a venue for Filipinos to spend their money, investing in new and upcoming retail shopping malls is an attractive and lucrative revenue generator.

Investing in retail developments outside of Metro Manila, like LNC The Square in Imus, Cavite, can generate large returns for investors, especially if the development can provide the local community with employment opportunities, as well as a retail space for residents of the area.


Still one of the strongest and highest-demand investment opportunities, investing in a franchise business offers steady ROI, albeit with high capital.

One of the benefits of an investment in this sector is the overall self-growing nature of a well-known franchise, with systems and products and processes provided by the franchising company.

Strong economic growth and further investment into local businesses and developments can further expand the Philippine economy, providing investors with a relatively safe market to invest in.