Clean Your Reusable Water Bottles to Avoid Bacteria Build-Up

Bottle of waterPeople are switching to reusable bottles in place of plastic as an effort to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. The alarming volume of plastic (e.g., bottles, straws, bags and microbeads) ends up in the ocean, endangering turtles, seabirds and other marine animals.

A reusable bottle does help you to do your part in containing waste, but it needs proper cleaning. A study reports that an average water bottle may contain a considerable amount of viable bacteria cells. That is why it is vital for you to clean your bottle adequately

Choosing the Right Water Bottle

According to the study, despite the ease factor, slide-top bottles have the biggest splash of germs. Bacteria are present in the spot your lips touch.

Meanwhile, the squeeze-top bottles and the screw-top bottles have lower bacteria than the slide-top ones. But with the number of bacteria in these containers, it’s still worse than eating a meal from a pet’s dish.

Straw-top bottles have the least bacteria among the different types of containers tested. Since water drips to the bottom of the straw, it doesn’t stick around to attract germs. The amount of bacteria in this type of bottle, however, is lower than the average home toilet seat by 2 CFU/sq cm.

After the alarming results, experts recommend using stainless steel bottles rather than plastic. Also, water bottles without crevices and hard-to-clean spots have lower risks for bacteria build up.

But how do you clean your bottles? Wash the containers thoroughly and use brushes designed for bottles after every use.

Bacteria Present in Water Bottles

Each bottle from the study had a unique combination of bacteria types. Germs present on the squeeze-top bottles and screw-top bottles are mostly gram-negative rods like E. coli.

These types of germs can cause pneumonia and blood infections. They can also resist antibiotics.

Additionally, half of the bacteria on the slide-top bottles have the potential to harm. Another type of germs present is gram-positive cocci, which can cause skin infection, blood poisoning or pneumonia.

Next time you drink water or any beverage from your reusable bottle, make sure that it’s spotless. While caring for the environment is good, you have to take care of your health, too.