Chiropractic Care Options for Whiplash Injury

Chiropractor checking the whiplash of the patientOne of the most common injuries in an auto accident is a whiplash injury. This is a neck muscle injury caused by a rapid backward or forward neck movement even when wearing a seatbelt. It results in acute pain in your neck along with restricted mobility.

You might also experience headaches, dizziness, nerve issues, and low back and arm pain. There are many treatment options for this injury. The ideal therapy option is, however, from a chiropractor for car accident here in Salt Lake City.

Here are the common treatments a chiropractor might use for whiplash injury.

Spinal Manipulation

This the most common treatment option for whiplash injury. There are different techniques used including flexion-distraction, instrument-assisted, and subluxation. In flexion-distraction, the chiropractor slowly pumps on the neck’s disc rather than applying direct force on your spine.

The specialist uses a hand-held device in instrument-assisted manipulation, which involves minimal thrusting into your spine. Subluxation involves gentle thrusting stretches to restore normal muscle function.

Manual Therapies

Manual therapies are used in conjunction with spinal manipulation to treat soft tissue injuries. Trigger-point and instrument-assisted therapies are among the standard manual treatments.

Some experts use therapeutic massages, manual stretching, and resistance therapies of affected joints to relieve muscle tension and enhance strength.

Other Therapies

Other treatments your chiropractor might use include ultrasound and interferential electrical stimulation. Ultrasound helps in increasing blood supply to the injured area, which subsequently decreases stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms.

Interferential electrical stimulation uses low-frequency electrical currents to stimulate muscle function and reduce inflammation.

Chiropractic care for your whiplash injury will not only alleviate your pain but also support your insurance claims. Whiplash injuries might be hard to prove and seeking immediate attention for your injury is essential in supporting your compensation claim afterwards. The chiropractor can also testify in court to support your claim.