Challenges Dentists for Special Needs Children Face

Dentist checking kid's teethParents of children with special needs encounter challenges at almost every turn. Dental health is one of them. Only a few dentists have the training to attend to them effectively. You would be lucky to find a New Albany dentist specializing in this.

To choose the right dentist for your special needs child, you should understand the challenges they face. You would be able to tell if you have succeeded in your quest through the way they handle your child.


Many special needs children might develop severe dental problems because of a delay in tooth development. They might have missing or overcrowded teeth. This is true of children with genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome.

In cases of cerebral palsy, a child can grind their teeth, wearing away enamel, leading to cavities. In other cases, the child might have a poor immune system, which leads to gum and other dental problems. The dentist has to know how to prevent these problems and be ready to treat them in the early stages.


A special needs child usually has physical, developmental, emotional, or behavioral problems. In many cases, they are unable to tell their caregivers how they feel. They might be feeling pain or anxiety, and they do not know how to say it.

This could lead to preventable dental and emotional problems. It is important that the child knows and trusts the dentist to make it easier for them to communicate. In many cases, a dentist can figure out what a child is trying to say if they have a long-standing relationship.

Dentists face many problems that parents with special needs children also experience. Dentists specializing in these types of patients are aware of the challenges and know how to act accordingly.

Parents should find such a dentist for their children as soon as possible to establish trust. This will make it easier for the dentist and the child in the end.