Center of Attention: 3 Design Elements That Make Perfect Bathroom Focal Points

Blue interior bathroom designThe make or break of a bathroom design lies in its focal point. When you’re able to build around a pleasant element in the space, visual appeal is easily achieved. But because there are many details in bathroom design that need paying attention to, most Missouri homeowners often end up with a space that doesn’t have a focal point. Don’t get distracted — and never forget your focal point. Instead, start with it and design the space around it.

Here are a few common focal points that would give your bathroom instant aesthetic appeal:


Large windows with incredible views of the garden or the lake beside your home are one of the best features to highlight in the bathroom. You can go for a floor-to-ceiling type of windows for a day spa vibe, then place some neutral-colored drapes or shades for some privacy.

More than the relaxing, nature-ish atmosphere it offers, large windows offer the space with natural light. This leaves you with more energy savings, plus a space brightly lit that prompts a bright and happy mood for anyone spending time at this space. If you want to upgrade your windows in terms of size and design, Precision Glass recommends window installation that experts in Kansas City or anywhere in Missouri offer.


This is essential in every bathroom, so why don’t you make yours your focal point? Mirrors are a pleasant thing to look at your space because people are naturally drawn to their reflections. There’s no doubt they would look at your mirrors. There are many options here: frameless or framed, round or rectangle, etc. It all depends on your preference and design. You should be able to match your mirrors to existing elements in the room.

Mirrors are also useful for small bathrooms. They make the space look bigger than it is.

Accent Walls

Most homeowners who want to highlight their showers and bathtubs catch the viewer’s eyes through an accent wall at the backdrop. A wall that features a different texture or pop of color will instantly capture people’s attention. You may want to go for limestone or marble as finishes for your walls. Or if you want to join the bandwagon of biophilic design, you can install a living wall.

A stunning bathroom design can be easily pulled off if you start designing around a focal point. So, remember, focus on your focal point.