Building Kit Cabins to Boost your Income

Granny flatKit granny flats are more than just an additional living space. Some home-owners can generate extra income with such an investment by out the extra living space.

Whether the flat is free standing or attached to your home, there are a number of ways to use granny flats to your advantage:

Home Office

To get on with the growing trend of working at home and running a business online, you will need a suitable working space. Having a dedicated work space allows you to maintain your focus and boost your productivity. A detached flat serving as your home office is highly conducive for work-related tasks.


If you have no use for a home office, you may rent out the space to those who need it. This small space is attractive for start-up businesses due to the relatively affordable rent.

You could also rent the extra space as living quarters for students, starting families, and others who might need a cosy living space for a small sum. With some creativity, you can offer tenants an affordable space that can adequately meet their needs.

Adding Property Value

Having a granny flat is sure to¬†boost your home’s property value. An additional living space, especially one detached from the main house, is very attractive to potential buyers. Buyers would appreciate the idea of having a separate living space for guests, au pairs, or elderly family members. They would also enjoy having a second source of income if they decide to rent out their flat to tenants.

Suffice it is to say, granny flats can be a lucrative investment regardless if you have elderly family members staying with you. As long as you obey local laws regarding granny flats, you surely wouldn’t regret having one.